Perfect fit: 6 online ateliers to help you create your favorite piece of clothing

Have you ever struggled with buying clothes which does not fit perfectly? I think we all have at some point. Every person is different and every body has its own curves. Therefore no mass market piece of clothing will ever fit perfectly every single customer. This issue may become even more vivid when we shop online. Often a professional team of stylists and photographers make models look beautiful in particular clothes, which only increases our desire to buy it. But remember how many times you have felt disappointment after receiving and trying on clothes, simply because it turned out to be too big or too small. Fortunately, nowadays there’s a solution to this problem called “online atelier service”.

The main distinguishing feature of an online atelier is its individual approach to every order. Tailors take into account client’s personal measurements and in some cases even request a photo to have a visual representation of the body shape. By using the capabilities of modern computer design tools and measurements taken by the customer, online ateliers achieve accuracy in size and fit of the clothing pieces. Customers at the same time do not have to worry about returning the order and can have an excellent opportunity to experiment with fabrics, colors and the style of their clothes.

Nowadays, there are a lot of online ateliers on the market offering different tailoring services. We decided to take a look at some of them.

Blank Label

Every businessman knows how important it is to have a well-tailored shirt to wear under a suit. Blank Label offers an opportunity to create your personal order with a very easy and intuitive constructor. After your design is ready, professional tailors will sew the shirt and mail it to you.

The atelier offers its clients various choices of fabric, colors, buttons, cuffs, pockets, collar and so on. All you need to do is decide what you want, enter your measurements and make the order. In 1 to 3 weeks you will receive a perfectly fit and customized shirt.

If you don’t want to spend the time picking out the details, choose a shirt from the collection. In addition, the company has a very liberal return policy. If the shirt does not fit, you can return it and have your money back.

Men in suits and shirts

Blank Label


Indochino is another online atelier, which specializes in clothes for gentlemen. Here you can find everything from vests and belts to shirts, jackets and suits. Of course, everything will be created according to your personal measurements.

The Indochino atelier is considered one of the leaders among men’s online fashion and has an excellent reputation in terms of quality.  This service allows choosing an already made model and improving it to fit your taste.

Be ready to pay up to $799 per premium suit. But also look for sales, where an additional discount may rich more than 50%. Those who are in the US or Canada can make an appointment in one of the showrooms, where a professional will take all of your measurements and offer fabric and customization choices.

Images of men in suits



The company eShakti believes that the fashion is supposed to be for people and not for mannequins. To help its female clients become an owner of a dream dress, the company offers an online designer tool. Now every fashionista can choose a basic model and customize it as she wants by changing the length, sleeve type, cutout and more. The final result will also be based on your color preferences and individual measurements.

If you feel like the received order does not meet your expectations or does not fit, eShakti accepts a 30-day return of unworn and unaltered merchandise.

Woman in a dress


Shoes of prey

The company Shoes of prey was founded in 2009 and over the time users have spent 60+ million minutes designing the shoes on this platform. With a help of a unique 3D constructor, anyone can create a shoe with desirable heel height, color, material and shape. But the main advantage of this service is an ability to enter individual measurements of the foot. This is especially convenient for those who have specific features like, for example, wide foot.

After you are done with the design, make the order and get your shoes in just 2 weeks. Moreover, if you are not happy with the quality or the overall look, Shoes of prey accept unworn shoes with a 100% refund within a year of receiving them.


Shoes of prey


Designers at Beltcraft believe that there should be a belt for every occasion (formal event, everyday use, sport). As a result, they created a website where anyone can design their own belt using different materials (leather, suede and cotton), colors and additional accessories. The size of the belt is determined by the size of the underwear.

You can shop an already made belt or create your own. The price of a custom belt depends on the material. Leather belt can be bought for $69, suede – for $65 and cotton belts are sold for $50. All belts are handmade and usually shipped within 5 to 10 business days. Non-custom belts can be returned within 2 weeks with a full refund. While custom and monogrammed belts are not eligible for return but can be altered for additional $10.



Black Lapel

Black Lapel is a perfect example of how two people were able to find their own niche in the market by providing services, which once needed themselves. Derek Tian and Warren Liao used to be financiers and were always looking for suits with a perfect price/quality balance.  In 2011 they decided to create their own online atelier and named it Black Lapel.

Black Lapel enables users to choose a suit model and then customize it to fit of their measurements and tastes. The only downside of this service is the fact that the user cannot see the changes instantly on the website. Therefore for some, it might be hard to understand whether a particular kind of pocket will suit the chosen suit model.

The company provides very detailed instructions on how to take measurements since one of the main goals of the Black Lapel is to educate people on how to choose a suit in any store. The average price per suit is $549. Black Lapel also offers wedding party attire.

A man in a suit

Black Lapel

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