From colors to décor: 10 main fashion trends of 2018

Fashion fans know that modern trends have the tendency to change quickly. Creating stylish looks requires a lot of attention and careful tracking of the latest fashion trends. From year to year fashion gurus prepare something fresh and new to surprise us. And 2018 is not an exception.

When analyzing latest collections, you’ll see that nowadays femininity comfortably coexists with convenience and luxury with comfort. 2018 will definitely bring us a diversity of vivid and powerful emotions. The main accent will be made on harmonious silhouettes, natural colors and fabrics. Among all of this abundance, everyone will find something for their taste. If you feel inspired by Parisian, Milanese or London fashionistas keep reading our article about 10 most significant fashion trends of 2018.

1. Red color (“cardinal” is a new trendy shade)

Red color has always been popular in the fashion industry and among many designers. Valentino Garavani once called it the best color, which suits every woman. With clever use, this color can be a perfect choice for any occasion. The only trick is to pick one out of a dozen shades. This time designers turned their attention to one of the most beautiful shades called “cardinal”. The name of which comes from cardinals, whose cassocks were colored in this particular shade of red.

Remember that such a luxury color does not tolerate any pathos or drama. Designers use laconic forms and minimalistic silhouettes. Classic fit pants and skirts, dresses and coats look best in this shade. But the highest skill is to create a “total red” look.

"Total red" look

“Total red” look

2. Tights and stockings

Another trend in women’s clothing is unique bright tights and stockings. Choose dense or transparent tights, it does not matter. The goal is to create a unique look. This type of clothing looks great when combined with dresses, tunics, long T-shirts of neutral color.

If you do not like bright colors, choose black tights with polka dots. The accents in form of little dots can help you look stylish even if your overall outfit is very simple.

Two girls in black dresses and tights

Polka dots tights

3. High waisted jeans with floral décor

Nowadays jeans have become one of the main pieces of the modern fashion. It is just impossible to imagine any wardrobe without a pair of jeans. Having 2 or 3 part of perfectly fitting jeans in your collection allows styling any look in a matter of minutes.

Low waist jeans have almost stepped aside and the main trend of 2018 switched to high waist. Modern clothing collections are represented by classic jeans, mom jeans and flared jeans, which have ousted skinny and boyfriend jeans style. The main colors of the new season are classic dark blue, as well as faded shades of blue. In terms of decoration, designers were inspired by the fashion trends of the 70s and 80s and implemented floral motives along with bright embroidered elements into their works.

Girls in jeans

Jeans with floral elements

4. Embroidery

This fashion trend dates back to 16th century when aristocrat elite used to wear richly embroidered outfits. Today designers breathed a new life into this elegant trend by decorating all sorts of clothing items: shirts, sweaters, dresses, skirts, even coats and sportswear.

In 2018 designers will use contrast sewing as well as almost imperceptible decor in the tone of the primary fabrics. But the main feature of the modern embroidery is lightness, airiness and liveliness. The top trend is fairytale animalistic motifs and a combination of gold and silver colors.

Two women in dresses

Embroidery elements

5. Ivory

Another popular color of 2018 is a soft shade of white. Instead of bright snow white color, Ivory is the new trend of this season. No wonder that fashion gurus like this shade so much. Any clothes in the shade of Ivory immediately look refined and noble.

If you think that ivory is a simple color, you are wrong. This shade can have a slight yellow or cream undertone. But in any case, it remains live and voluminous color, which allows creating deep and stylish looks. By the way, ivory does not tolerate cheap fabric and looks best when combined with such fabrics as silk, satin or chiffon.

Women in ivory outfits

The ivory shade

6. One shoulder

Bare shoulders considered one of the most iconic trends of 2018. Combined with asymmetry, this trend led to a whole new clothing line with one shoulder. The most vivid representation of this trend can be viewed in the overalls collections, which are also one of the must-haves of 2018. The one-shoulder trend can also be seen in other fashionable garments like blouses, dresses and even office shirts.

One shoulder outfits

One shoulder outfits

7. Turtlenecks and turtleneck dresses

Turtleneck is an all-time trend and an essential part of any wardrobe. Turtleneck is great for creating interesting everyday outfits since it can be worn alone or combined with jacket/cardigan. In 2018 turtleneck dresses will be an excellent option during the cold season. Choose what suits you best: laconic one color style or pieces complemented with drapery and unusual shoulder line.

Women in turtlenecks

Turtleneck style

8. Open back

Playful summer dresses, tops, overalls with an open back are the real trend of 2018. Designers keep coming back to this feminine and elegant fashion solution. The variety of such clothes is endless, as designers are not tired of experimenting with cutouts.

The main rule in this kind of look is to keep a balance. Remember that if you have an open back outfit, the dress or a blouse should not have even a hint of décolleté. On the other hand, the last year’s trend of decorating the back with chains or pendants is still relevant.

Open back looks

Open back looks

9. 3D décor

3-D technology can be called one of the main features of the century we live in. Fashion designers who are very sensitive to any novelties decided to reflect this trend in their clothing collections for 2018. A lot of decorations look as if they were not sewn by hand but created with the help of a three-dimensional printer. Geometric patterns and convex floral designs look tasteful and voluminous.

Such design solutions require the simplest background, therefore clothing usually has a very simple cut. One of the most stylish and beautiful trends of 2018 are three-dimensional flowers sewn on a translucent basis of the dresses.

3-D elements on a dress

3-D elements

10. Focus on a waistline

In order to visually emphasize the waistline add a wide belt made out of suede, lacquered or matte leather. The military style also does not leave this season’s fashion shows. Belts with a rough buckle made of metal are the real hit of 2018.

Outfits with wide belts

Wide belts