Online clothing store: 6 tips on how to make the right choice

Every day we come across new online stores, which offer a variety of clothing items. A lot of people actually prefer ordering clothes online, thinking that it is much more convenient. Unlike regular stores, online shopping has a lot of advantages: it saves time, money and usually offers bigger choices. In addition, the customer does not have to limit himself to only local sellers. The Internet allows us to make purchases anywhere in the world. There is also no need to visit crowded malls since courier brings the package right to your house.

However, this purchasing method has downsides. Some people associate online shopping with certain difficulties namely with the fact that there is no chance to try on clothes, touch it or evaluate its quality. Unfortunately, the situations when a customer has to return his order simply because of the wrong size are not that uncommon.

When buying clothes online, no one can guarantee that it will fit you perfectly, but you have to be aware of the risk. Nevertheless, we can tell you several tips and tricks on how to minimize the chance of disappointment. Keep reading this article to find out how to choose clothes, make safe orders online and avoid returns.

Tip #1 – Know your measurements

The first and most important step is to find out your accurate measurements. Instead of just searching the size “small”, look up actual clothing parameters to understand how well will it suit your body.

Remember that size “M” may differ in various manufacturers. Some designers and brands may confuse customers on purpose. And even though the size of the clothing is calculated in centimeters (or inches), it may still differ from brand to brand. Not to mention that different countries use their own size charts.

Therefore, the best way not to be mistaken is not to focus on the indicated sizes from different companies, but to make your own measurements. Almost every well-known brand has a table of corresponding sizes. Make sure your measurements match them. Search for such tables on the official websites of the brand or on the web page of the online store.

Measuring tape

Measure yourself

Tip #2 – Take notes about your purchases

Make a habit of taking notes about where you made the order, what did you buy, what size and how well did it fit you. You can keep a separate paper notebook, use a smartphone app or create a file on your computer. This tip will be especially useful for those who like to experiment and often buy clothes from different designers and brands.

After a while, you will have a list of features of different online stores and brands. There will be no need to check size tables every time or buy clothing blindly hoping that it will fit you. In addition, every failure will be the last one since next time you will be aware of the size that suits you best.

Tip #3 – Pay attention to the fabrics

Usually, online stores hire professional photographers to make their images look beautiful. And a lot of the times looking at these photos we fall in love with a dress on a model without actually paying attention to its quality. Every self-respected seller indicates the composition the fabrics on their online page. No secret, that unlike synthetic fabrics, natural materials like cotton, silk, wool always look great in real life. Moreover, there is no risk of suffering from allergy reactions or itching when wearing clothes made of high-quality fabrics. Some clothing items may consist of several fabric materials. In this case, make sure that natural materials prevail over synthetic.

Colorful fabrics

Learn about the fabrics

Tip #4 – Make additional research

The Internet is full of “expectation vs. reality” type of images. Unfortunately, you may come across an online store with high-quality photos, detailed product descriptions, but still get disappointed after receiving your order. To avoid this situation, especially, if this is your first time purchasing from a particular store, search reviews from previous customers. When people are unsatisfied with the quality or service, they tend to leave comments. It is even better if you are able to find pictures or a video of a certain clothing item made by one of the customers. It may not only help you find out whether this item looks the same as on the website, but also get a better understanding of how it fits. Nowadays, there are tons of try on haul videos on YouTube, so there is a big chance you may find desired product review there.

Tip #5 – Have your foot measured

When choosing shoes online we often rely solely on our shoe size and hope that it will fit. But, for example, the US and Europe have different size tables, just like different manufacturers. The main reference point for online shoe shopping should be your personal foot measurements.

Take your most comfortable pair of shoes, remove the insole and measure its lengths and width. Note that insole will be 10-15 mm longer than your foot. It is called functional allowance. Most likely, besides shoe sizes, online stores will indicate the length of an insole.

If you are new to online shoe shopping, pay attention to those brands which shoes you have already worn. Many people prefer shoes by a particular manufacturer, which gives them confidence in the size, comfort and quality. But even if you found a pair of shoes by an unfamiliar brand, using your measurements will help you make the right choice.


Know your shoe size

Tip #6 – Compare prices and look for sales

The price for the same clothing item may differ from seller to seller. If you like a particular piece of clothing, try comparing prices from various online stores. There is always a chance to find a better deal.

You can also save money by purchasing clothes during sales. Many manufacturers offer discounts during winter holidays. Black Friday is another large, but once a year opportunity to buy something for cheaper. By monitoring the prices of your favorite brand, you can find out how much the producer reduces the cost during the promotion and save money by buying clothes via the Internet.

Sale sign

Seles help saving money