Beauty in details: how to choose accessories for men

A man who wants to look stylish and elegant has to take the process of choosing an outfit seriously. Ideally, a man should not attract too much attention with intricate patterns or bright colors. A classic man’s look must be strict and follow a certain style, where small details reflect his individuality and personality.

Tastefully selected men’s accessories can help make a positive impression on people, complement an outfit for a romantic date and boost confidence. Cufflinks, tie clips, bracelets, watches, belts and glasses – there are lots of options to choose from.

Nowadays men’s fashion does not fall behind women’s. Designers hold men’s fashion weeks and offer stylish novelties all the time. No male look can be completed without an accessory. And today we are going to find out how to choose the best ones.

First of all, let’s review several principles which you can follow when choosing an accessory:


Women can afford to wear the most bizarre and unusual accessories, while men should know the limits. It is always better to start with something small: a classic watch, laconic leather bracelet or cufflinks. Once you feel comfortable and confident enough, move on to more bold experiments.

Men's wrist watch

Simplicity is the key

Right size

Accessories look best when they fit its owner. Jewelry, just like clothes, should be chosen according to the individual size. A too thick chain around the neck of a man with lean physique looks ridiculous, just like a too thin tie clip on a muscular body. Be sure to consider this factor when choosing an accessory.


Can you wear the same accessories for every occasion? Probably not. Your look has to be appropriate to the time and place. For instance, simple and discreet accessories are best for a work meeting or business dinner. If you want to wear something more exquisite, like a ring with a precious stone, save it for an upcoming festive event or party. But remember that numerous extravagant jewelry and accessory pieces, which are worn at the same time, always look flashily.

Color combinations

Today, the combination of gold and silver jewelry is not something out of ordinary. You can mix and match it, but be very careful. If you have doubts, choose only one color.

Silver metals are universal and can look appropriate for any occasion. Gold, on the other hand, attracts a lot of attention and usually looks best during evenings or special events. The only exception is a wedding ring, which can be any color and even differ from all the other accessories.

If you like leather accessories, make sure that their color and texture matches with other leather pieces like shoes, bag and belt.

Brown belt and shoes

Color matching

Accessories and clothing

Accessories must not only be matched with each other but also with the outfit you are wearing. Choose jewelry that fits your personal style and wardrobe. If you are more into business and classic style wear watches, tie clips, cufflinks. At the same time, smart-casual style offers more options: bracelets, rings, chains and more.

Now when we have learned the basics, let’s continue with tips on how to choose men’s essential accessories.

Wrist Watches

Your watch can tell a lot about your personality, so choose carefully. Stylish watches should not have any rhinestones or cheap gloss. The simpler the better.

Some say that a large watch represents a high status of its owner. But when trying on a big watch, think whether it will fit under the cuffs of your shirt. Straps made out of leather always look elegant. As for the color, black looks more classic, while brown is a great everyday choice. And one more thing: although black dial seems to be more “cool”, a white one often looks more expensive.

Men’s wrist watch

Men’s wrist watch


Any business outfit is complemented best by a leather belt. It is always better to choose a smooth texture not to attract too much attention. As it was mentioned earlier, the color of the belt should not conflict with the watch strap or the tie clip. Look for a leather belt with a small open buckle. There is also a rule: the bigger the buckle, the more informal the look will seem. The width of a casual belt may be either standard or wider than a classic one.


A tie is one of the essential pieces of a men’s wardrobe. Classic models are made of lightweight fabrics like silk and cotton. Nowadays we see a bigger variety of fabrics including cashmere, flannel and even wool.

The tie has to match the suit and the shirt, but not vice versa. Therefore pick a tie after you’ve chosen a suit and a shirt. Also, do not wear too wide or too narrow tie with a business suit. Your overall look will be more harmonious if the width of the tie will match the width of the lapel of the jacket.

If you want to attract everyone’s attention, put on a bright tie, contrasting with the color of your suit and shirt. If you have something to say during the business meeting, burgundy or red tie will definitely make the audience notice you.

Colorful neckties

A collection of silk neckties


Sunglasses are very popular during the spring-summer season. This is a must-have item in any men’s wardrobe. Sunglasses will not only make your face look more masculine and brutal, but also protects your vision from dangerous ultraviolet rays.

When choosing sunglasses, think about proportions. Those who have large facial features need glasses with bigger frames. And vice versa, if you have a small face, big sunglasses will cover it. When wearing glasses, make sure that the lower part of the glasses does not lie on the cheekbones.

A man in sunglasses

A man in sunglasses

Men’s bags

Designers offer a great variety of bags for men. It should not be difficult to find something for your taste. First of all, think about its functionality. Businessmen often choose briefcases, since they are very convenient to carry documents and other essentials.

Sportsmen prefer backpacks or small travel bags. The material from which the bags are made of varies. It can be both leather and textiles. Some bags are decorated with zippers or military elements.