7 essential pieces of clothing that will make any men’s wardrobe universal

As we all know, fashion trends come and go and sometimes our much-loved piece of clothing might look a bit weird after a very short period of time. This happens not only with women. Men also often become a victim of the latest trends and might struggle with putting together an outfit for the day. But there are such clothing items that do not lose its relevance under any circumstances or time period. In this article, we will take a look at some essential pieces of clothing that every man has to have in his wardrobe. Our goal is to help you create a universal, multifunctional and interchangeable set of clothing items that will make you look your best in any situation.

Before we start, consider looking at your wardrobe as on an investment in your confidence, aesthetic appearance and comfort. When speaking about investment, first of all, we mean quality. Buying high-quality shoes, suits and shirts will not only bring you pleasure from owning it but also save you money, since these items will serve you much longer than its cheap alternatives.

So what makes men’s wardrobe universal? Well, a multi-functional wardrobe implies a maximum number of looks (combinations) which can be made with all of the clothing items in your collection. For instance, a blue shirt which can be worn with six different pants from your closet is very versatile. Try to keep your wardrobe at about 60% of compatibility. Although the bigger the percentage is the better.

We have combined a list of 7 wardrobe essentials for men. Keep in mind that the list may not be exhaustive, but you need to start with something.


Dark blue jeans have been around for a while and will never go out of style. This is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, which can be combined with an uncountable number of clothing items: T-shirts, jackets, cardigans, shirts, bombers etc. These jeans can be even worn to a business meeting if paired with a dress shirt.

Companies like Levi’s, Diesel, Paul & Shark, A.P.C offer a lot of choices for every taste. And although it might be a bit of investment, these brands use a very high-quality denim material, which you will enjoy for at least a couple of years.

Dark blue jeans

Dark blue jeans


There is no such thing as too many T-shirts, especially if they are one-color. The most popular color options are white, gray, blue and black. You can combine a T-shirt with a blazer, cardigan or jacket. On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than a white T-shirt, which looks great on a bronze toned skin. Once again, choose quality materials, preferably 100% cotton. T-shirts from such brands like Diesel, Gap or G-Star Raw will not stretch or deform after washing and will serve you for a while.

White T-shirts on men

White T-shirts


Each self-respected man should own a high-quality classic fit suit in his wardrobe. If you still haven’t got one, do not try to buy a suit over the internet. Take this purchase seriously: the suit has to fit you perfectly. And in order to understand which one will suit you better, it is necessary to do fitting beforehand.  If you have a chance, use an atelier service where professional tailors will make a suit according to your individual measurements.

Also, when buying the first suit in your life go for the darker colors, it will make it more universal. A high-quality suit cannot cost less than $100. But if you are on a budget, try to look for sales and clearances, which are often held by various stores. One of the best man’s suits brands are Canali, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Ermenegildo Zegna and others.

A classic men's suits

A classic men’s suit


Just like in the case with T-shirts, shirts can boast excellent versatility. Get yourself a couple of one-color shirts of light shades and you will be able to create numerous looks in no time. Jeans, shirt and a leather jacket make a great everyday look. At the same time, if you need something more formal switch to classic trousers with a jacket and your outfit is ready.

If your style is more relaxed and informal, check shirt will be an excellent alternative. Just don’t forget that large and contrasting checks do not fit into the business image at all. But if the print is small and sustained in the same scale, go ahead and combine such shirt with a classic suit. In addition, you can even compliment this look with a tie.

High-quality shirts are produced by Gap, Reiss, ASOS, Zara.

Men in shirts

Men in shirts


If you live in the area where it gets cold, jumpers should be an essential part of your wardrobe. The main advantage is that jumpers suit everyone from students to businessmen. All you need is to remember an important rule: a round neckline is ideal for creating a relaxed and casual look, while V-neck looks much better in combination with a men’s suit.

If you are new to this type of clothing, start with neutral colors like brown, beige or gray. Later you can move on to buying more fashionable shades. In terms of quality, choose jumpers where the composition of synthetic materials does not exceed 10-15%. Great choices can be found in United Colors of Benetton, Gap and Tommy Hilfiger.




In addition to the jumper, men’s winter wardrobe has to include a knitted cardigan. This piece of clothing is exactly what you need to make the outfit look stylish during the cold season. One of the main advantages of a cardigan is that with its help you stay warm by layering clothes. And it looks great with almost anything: shirts, T-shirts, thin sweaters, jackets, coats etc. Find choices at Tommy Hilfiger, Levis or Ralph Lauren.

Knitted cardigans

Knitted cardigans


Desert boots are the copy of the boots worn by British soldiers during the WWII in Egypt. They are not only comfortable and convenient but also fit tons of different outfits. These shoes look great both with casual, business and even sports clothes. When choosing your desert boots pay attention to the quality of the material. For instance, Clarks have pretty good options.

Desert boots

Desert boots